The Chief Director of the GARCC paid a courtesy visit to ASHMA

The Chief Director of the Greater Accra Regional Coordinating Council paid a courtesy visit to a few MMDAs in the area on August 22, 2022.

One of the assemblies to take advantage of the calming chance was the Ashaiman Municipal Assembly.

Many employees had gathered in the assembly hall at 10:00 a.m., bracing themselves for the visitor.

The brief meeting was opened at 10:05 by the Coordinating Director, Alhaji Saaka Dramani. The house said an opening prayer under the direction of the municipal planning officer. When the staff was quickly introduced, practically everyone was present at their posts, with the exception of those who were not, which granted the required authority.

The PRO of the GARCC introduced and welcomed the chief director to the podium to give her remarks.

As part of her speech, these stood out: Warm regards and greetings from her newly assumed position as a chief director.

Readiness to work collectively with all staff in the 29 assemblies in greater Accra to ensure effectiveness and efficiency in delivering duties.

Codes of conduct as well as holistic work ethics will be ensured in all engagements.

The team from RCC bid the Assembly farewell and departed.