A sessional address was delivered by the MCE, Hon. Albert Boakye Okyere during the first ordinary meeting of the fourth session of the assembly held on Thursday 23rd of July, 2020. The meeting took place at the assembly hall and was attended by the Presiding Member, the MCD, Honorable members of the house and management of the assembly.

In his address, Hon Albert Boakye-Okyere expressed his appreciation to all those who in diverse ways have assisted and continue to assist him towards the Development of the Municipality. He also acknowledged with thanks the role of Hon. Assembly Members and staff, for their hard work, commitment and dedication to duty, despite the fact that we are not in normal times.

He gave a brief on COVID-19 and the efforts that has been made in the fight against the virus and edged everyone to continue to hold the fort in their fight against COVID-19. He also briefed the house on “Peace and Security” in the municipality, revenue with respect to Internally Generated Funds, COVID-19 outbreak, various construction works and project happening in the municipality, rehabilitation of old roads and construction of new ones.