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L.I-1630, National Building Regulation Section 28

  1. A District Assembly shall take appropriate steps for restricting or regulating the display of advertisements so far as appears to the authority to be expedient in the interest of amenity or public safety.
  2. A District Assembly shall provide:
  3. For regulating the dimensions, appearance and position of advertisements. The dimensions, appearance and position of advertisements, display boards, the sites on which the advertisements may be displayed and the manner in which they are to be affixed to the land;
  4. For attaching other specified conditions of approval to the application; and for the delineation of certain “advertising free zones, where no advertising in any form shall be permitted.

Advertising Permit

The advertising hardware is to be divided into the following:

  • Advertising Boards
  • Notice or signs Boards
  • Group directional signs
  • Street names with Adverts
  • Adverts on street light poles
  • Banners
  • Branding of Fencewalls and Buildings
  • Uni-poles with adverts


  • Applicants is to purchase and fill application form from Works Department, ASHMA
  • 2 copies of Directional Sketch indicating the site for the placement of the sign board/bill board
  • 2 sets of designs for bill boards and other huge signs, this includes structural designs.

Specification of advertising hardware

Specification of advertising boards shall be such size as may be set out and approved by ASHMA


  • submit filled application form, 2 copies of directional sketch and
  • 2 sets of relevant designs to the Works Engineer
  • Conduct site inspection together with the applicant one (1) day after the receipt of application with a scheduled officer from the Works Department
  • Architect/Civil Engineer to vet designs and make recommendations for approval two (2) days upon receipt of designs.
  • Municipal Engineer is to communicate to applicant approved permit fees One (1) day after the approval of site and designs for payment.


  • The Ashaiman Municipal Assembly may execute a franchise arrangement with any reliable advertising agencies to mount Street Names in the Metropolis on its behalf and pay an appropriate annual fee for each sign-post.
  • Permits must be obtained for the mounting of every stand
  • The maximum height for a stand shall be 2.7 meters and shall contain 8 plates


all banners shall attract daily fees as determined in the Fee-Fixing Resolution


  • No billboard shall be mounted
  • In such a manner as to partially or wholly cover any premises or the facades or elevations of an existing edifice.
  • On a proposed or existing right of way of Municipal Engineering infrastructure services and its ancillaries
  • On a location in a manner that may hinder the installation or maintenance of Municipal Engineering system/facility or infrastructure
  • And aligned in such a manner so as not to obstruct road sight lines
  • To violate clearance requirement from the shoulders of primary and secondary drains
  • Lower that 1:8m from the ground
  • For all areas that are approved for mounting, there shall be uniformity in size, height, the orientation and distances apart and at an angle to the center line of the road.
  • All boards mounted upon approval, shall be maintained routinely and periodically in such a manner as to prevent it from being defaced. The structural framework shall be maintained as to prevent deterioration and possible collapse of the board
  • The immediate environs of every board, stretching ten (10) meters radius shall be kept tidy and be devoid of overgrown grass/weeds. Maintenance of the surroundings shall be organized by the Advertising Agency responsible for the mounting.


The fees chargeable are subject to Ashaiman Municipal Assembly’s annual Fee-Fixing Resolution and / or policy decision


Applicant is to collect permit one (1) day after payment of permit fees.


All permits granted for any advertising sign shall ordinarily be one (1) year. Under some contract arrangements with a particular advertising agency the validity period can be more than one (1) year.


The ASHMA shall apply sections 49, 52, 53, and 55 of the Act 462 on enforcement as may be relevant.

  1. Demand Notice: Ashaiman Municipal Assembly (ASHMA) is to serve demand notice before the end of the financial year of a permit cycle or latest by the end of the first month of the year, and payment made by the 31st March of every year.
  2. All unauthorized outdoor adverts shall be subject to removal by ASHMA or its accredited agents with due notice and the Advertising Company surcharged with the cost of removal.
  3. All approval applications are valid for the ASHMA’s financial year of approval only and subject to renewal or as specified by any agreement.
  4. All unauthorized advertising devices which do not conform as specified shall be subjected to removal by ASHMA and the advertising company responsible surcharged with the cost of removal.
  5. Terms of Payment: if an advertiser refuses to pay within the first quarter after advertising, the company can be blacklisted and /or face the appropriate sanctions.
  6. If six-months after being allocated a site and there is no billboard/structure mounted and no maintenance of the site, the site will revert to the ASHMA
  7. Force majeure: after ASHMA has issued any permit and the billboard is damaged. , the ASHMA will not be held liable.
  8. Permitted Sign: in case ASHMA moves or causes such a sign to be removed without just cause, ASHMA would pay an appropriate reparation for same
  9. Offensive Sign: ASHMA can in the interest of the public cause to be removed such a sign with due notice.
  10. New Concepts: advertisers who come up with new concepts may discuss with the ASHMA for franchise and payment of special fees.